Bespoke Female Vocal Recording

Louisa Revolta (Professional Vocalist/Saxophonist)

Photograph by Steven Moulster

Photograph by Steven Moulster

Bespoke Female Vocal Recording by Louisa Revolta - a vastly talented singer and Sax player with a brilliant ear for music.  Her vocal talents range from jazz to pop to classical, and she can record a vocal part (or parts) which can be recorded by Vintage Keys Studio and imported into your project. Any file format is possible. No sheet music/notation required (although is always welcomed!) 

Louisa is a versatile singer and musician with a good ear. She is also able to sight read parts very well.  She can sing and play in many styles, including Jazz, blues, ballads, pop, funk and classical.  She has Grade 8 Saxophone, and has been performing professionally since 2009.  Check out her band 'The Spitfire Sisters'. 

The first three songs she is singing below are self-composed. The sax tune at the end is by Steve Christie and was recorded a few years ago, and the last song is written by Benedict Francis. Steve Christie is playing piano/keyboards, bass and drums throughout.

Vocals recorded using an AKG D19b microphone through a valve pre-amp, and mixed using (amongst other devices) a custom VKS germanium diode limiter.