bespoke piano recording showreel

Steve Christie (Professional Pianist and Session Musician) - Steve has perfect pitch, and the ability to work music out very quickly by ear from recordings, including complex chords and harmonies.  He is able to play and improvise in many styles, including Jazz, Pop, Classical, Blues - even avant garde, Children's TV themes, and can do a mean impression of an Ice Cream Van using our Weltmeister Claviset 200 Electric Piano!  He trained as a Sound Engineer at Air Lyndhurst Studios in the mid 1990s, and began running a studio and recording service after finishing a Degree in Music in 1998. He has also been a professional pianist for over 20 years.

Above are some examples of Steve's piano and keyboard playing - from prog to jazz to classical styles, and modern pop piano accompaniment.  Some of the tracks are from passed albums and projects. You will hear piano, midi-based orchestral recording, hammond organ, and monophonic analog synth multitracked (a la early Wendy Carlos).    Steve is also a multi-instrumentalist, and also able to play bass guitar, double bass, guitar, tuned percussion and drums, with a smattering of cello. The last two tracks feature on Steve's album 'Children's Television Themes From A Parallel Dimension', as featured on BBC 6's 'Freak Zone' programme. 


Many of the tracks on this website feature Steve providing full accompaniment (bass and drums) for other music, some played on real instruments, some played via a Midi keyboard.   

He is also a music arranger, and can tr tanscribe music from recordings. 

You can hear masses more of Steve's piano playing over on his solo piano site and some piano and multi-instrumental music on his albums at and